Dockershim deprecation does NOT impact kind.  🐳

If you already use kind you've actually been testing your workloads on containerd!

While kind uses docker or podman on your host, it uses CRI / containerd "inside" the nodes and does not use dockershim.

Carry on and be KiND! ❤️


Starting with kind 0.11.0, Rootless Docker and Rootless Podman can be used as the node provider of kind.

Provider requirements 🔗︎

Host requirements 🔗︎

The host needs to be running with cgroup v2.

cgroup v2 is enabled by default on Fedora. On other distros, cgroup v2 can be typically enabled by adding GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=1" to /etc/default/grub and running sudo update-grub.

Also, depending on the host configuration, the following steps might be needed:


Restrictions 🔗︎

The restrictions of Rootless Docker apply to kind clusters as well.


Creating a kind cluster with Rootless Docker 🔗︎

To create a kind cluster with Rootless Docker, just run:

$ export DOCKER_HOST=unix://${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/docker.sock
$ kind create cluster

Creating a kind cluster with Rootless Podman 🔗︎

To create a kind cluster with Rootless Podman, just run:

$ KIND_EXPERIMENTAL_PROVIDER=podman kind create cluster

Tips 🔗︎