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Project Scope

This document outlines some scoping and major priorities for kind.

See also: the 1.0 roadmap, and the 1.0 tracking milestone.

Contents 🔗︎

Priorities (from greatest to least) 🔗︎

P-1: Bootstrapping the kind Project Itself 🔗︎


Covered Work:

P0: Support Testing Kubernetes 🔗︎


Covered Work:

P1: Support Testing Kubernetes Applications 🔗︎

Stakeholders: Various projects both inside & outside the Kubernetes Org.

Covered Work:

Most of the necessary work should be covered under P1: Support Testing Kubernetes Applications, however there is some additional work.

P2: Provide Cheap Bootstrap Clusters for the Cluster-API 🔗︎


P3: Extended Testing Not Covered Above 🔗︎


Possibly supporting various things that we cannot reasonably test today including:

Several of these make sense but are not possible with the current tooling and will require a reasonable amount of design and thought to do well. Some of them may not be solve-able in a good way, but are at least technologically feasible to explore.

Out of Scope 🔗︎

Some things we can likely never cover in a reasonable way: