This page contains references to additional external resources for learning about KIND and how to use it.

Contents 🔗︎

Using KIND in CI 🔗︎

The kind-ci/examples project is a work-in-progress project to give working examples of using KIND in various continuous integration environments / platforms.

Tutorials and Guides 🔗︎

Here are a useful external guides / tutorials covering things not yet covered in our docs:

How to use KIND with MetallLB 🔗︎

How to Test a Kubernetes PR with KIND 🔗︎

Using Contour Ingress with KIND 🔗︎

Local Ingress Domains for your Kind Cluster 🔗︎

Connect directly to Docker-for-Mac containers via IP address 🔗︎

Developing for Kubernetes with KinD 🔗︎

KubeCon Talks 🔗︎

The authors have given the following talks relating to KIND:

Deep Dive: KIND - Benjamin Elder & Antonio Ojea 🔗︎

At KubeCon US 2019 we spoke about KIND internals and the challenges ahead on the road to 1.0.

A Kind Workflow for Contributing to Kubernetes - Benjamin Elder & Duffie Cooley & James Munnelly & Patrick Lang 🔗︎

At KubeCon US 2019 we provided a hands on tutorial for contributing and testing your Kubernetes code with KIND.

Testing your K8s apps with KIND - Benjamin Elder & James Munnelly 🔗︎

At KubeCon EU 2019 we spoke about KIND and testing your Kubernetes Applications.

Deep Dive: Testing SIG - Benjamin Elder & James Munnelly 🔗︎

At KubeCon EU 2019 we spoke about KIND and how we use it to test Kubernetes for the SIG Testing Deep Dive.

Behind Your PR: How Kubernetes Uses Kubernetes to Run Kubernetes CI - Sen Lu & Benjamin Elder 🔗︎

At KubeCon NA 2018 we spoke with Sen Lu about The Kubernetes Project’s testing tools and infrastructure, including a brief discussion of KIND and running it on Kubernetes’s Kubernetes-based CI infrastructure.